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About AutoRisk

AutoRisk is a specialized commercial insurance agency focused on the automotive industry which includes the following:

  • general repair facilities
  • collision repair facilities
  • retail tire dealers
  • tire warehouse distributors
  • tire retreaders
  • auto parts dealers
  • auto parts warehouse distributors
  • auto parts rebuilders
  • auto parts recyclers
  • towing companies
  • heavy truck repair facilities
  • heavy truck collision repair facilities
  • automotive restoration businesses
  • lube and preventative maintenance facilities
  • fuel distributors
  • independent auto dealers
  • trailer dealers
  • RV dealers
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As part of that focus the people at AutoRisk each have over 10 years of experience of working in the automotive industry, for complete biographies please see our TEAM PAGE 
Because of their niche and focus in the automotive industry AutoRisk’s people have an exclusive understanding and knowledge of the industry, the inter workings of the industry, and how to insure automotive businesses.

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