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AutoRisk Colorado Address

Colorado Contact Details
Tel: 720-445-6959
Fax: 720-358-4737
Texas Contact Details
Tel: 469-444-2757
Fax: 720-358-4737
Arizona Contact Details
Tel: 480-865-3888
Fax: 720-358-4737
Service Extensions:
After hours emergency, 99
Customer service, 11
Address, fax, 22
Certificate of insurance requests, 33
Associate Extensions:
Alan Clark, Ext 24
Bob Boyd, Ext 20
Dan Silverman, Ext 21
Dave Ditgen, Ext 27
Garry Russel, Ext 23
Jeff Thomas, Ext 29
Kurt Elbert, Ext 28
Michael Graham, Ext 25
Scott Swimmer, Ext 26
Customer Service– CSR Extensions:
Allison Dominisse, Ext 14
Talal Aoga, Ext 10
Other Staff Extensions:
Sheri Davis, Ext 18
Sultan Mahmud, Ext 19
Mailing Address:
PO Box 461027
Denver, CO 80246
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