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Work Comp Medical Providers Colorado House Bill 1383 What must be done to comply . . .

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Work Comp Medical Providers Colorado House Bill 1383 What must be done to comply . . .

What is it?

During the 2014 Colorado Legislative Session, state lawmakers passed House Bill 1383, which requires employers to increase the number of medical providers they designate to treat their injured workers from two to four. The new law goes into effect April 1, 2015.VIEW BILL

What you need to do:

Designate four medical providers to treat your injured workers. (At least one must be at a distinct location and distinct ownership from the others.) Each of the following scenarios would meet the law’s requirements:

Scenario #1: (four unique providers)

Scenario #2: (two unique providers, one with one location, one with three locations)

Scenario #3: (two unique providers each with 2 locations)

How to look up providers by insurance carrier:

Pinnacol Assurance: Select Providers

Employers Compensation Insurance Company: Medical Providers

Why does this even matter?

If you wish to have your employees use a designated provider you must provide a list of your designated providers to injured workers when they notify you of an injury. Failure to do so will result in loss of your right as an employer to use designated providers.

How can AutoRisk help you?

Please contact us with further questions. Danielle Duffy is our lead on this project and she can be reached at 720-445-6959. ext 12 or Danielle@autorisk.org

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